Nice to meet you!

I'm Caleb, the craftsman behind the leather goods and designer behind the t-shirts you see here! I’ve always been an “artsy” type of person and have experimented in various forms of art and design, but the main theme of my career has been graphic design, which I’ve been doing for 6+ years.

I’ve also found a love and joy for designing and making products like leather goods, t-shirt designs, stickers, and more. There's something special about holding a handmade product and noticing the careful detail and love that the maker pours into their craft.

Fun facts:

I’m from small-town America and I love it! There’s such an amazing sense of community and loving your neighbor that you can’t find in big cities. 

I used to have a salt water aquarium with clown fish, shrimp, crabs, and other creatures.

I love cooking and trying new foods with my wonderful wife.

I LOVE meeting new people and starting conversations, so please, shoot me an email or follow on Instagram: